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Test and Trace Support Payment Scheme

Materials to raise awareness of the Test and Trace Support Payment Scheme and increase understanding of the eligibility and evidence requirements.

The campaign is divided into three stages

  1. Awareness: £500 when you need it most
  • What is this payment?
  • Can I get a payment?
  1. Eligibility: Is it for me?
  • Have you or your child been told to self-isolate by NHS Test and Trace?
  • Are you unable to work from home?
  • Are you or your partner receiving a means-tested benefit or on a low income?
  1. Application: What will I need if I apply?
  • An NHS Test and Trace Account ID
  • Confirmation that you or a partner you live with receive a means tested benefit or are on a low income
  • Proof that you’re employed or self-employed

White label versions of the posters are provided and translations will follow shortly.

Newest resources organised by date within zip folder

Please note these assets are cleared for use in England only

Updated on 25.01.2022

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Within this zip folder you will find:

  • Posters in A3 and A4 – editable and non-editable
  • White label versions of the posters – editable and non-editable
  • Static PNG posts for Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat and Instagram

Different creatives include:

  • Awareness
  • Eligible
  • Apply

Formats: PDF and JPEG

Please ensure that all images posted on social media make use of the 'alt text' function, and duplicate any words that appear in a graphic so the same information is accessible to those using screen readers. You should also describe any imagery that appears within this description. Please also ensure that key information is communicated in the post text, rather than relying on a visual asset. You can find further guidance and how to do this for different platforms below and for further advice on writing image descriptions, see here:





For further information please visit the NHS website and the GOV webpage.

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