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Generic Assets

Latest assets include:

Generic assets for use in areas where surge testing for South African variant is being offered. Resources include:

  • Social Statics Localisable - 04.02.2021
  • Posters Localisable - 04.02.2021
  • Web Banners Customisable - 04.02.2021
  • Social Statics Customisable - 02.02.2021
  • Digital Screens Customisable - 02.02.2021
  • Posters Customisable - 01.02.2021
  • Leaflets Customisable - 01.02.2021

Newest resources organised by date within zip folder

Please note these assets are cleared for use in England only

Updated on 04.02.2021

Product code

Within the ZIP folder you will find the following PDFs::

  • A5 Leaflet
  • A4 Posters
  • A3 Posters
  • 1080x1920, 1920x1080 Digital Screens
  • 1-1, 4-5, 9-16, 16-9 Social Statics

Localisable assets for partners to add specific postcodes where outbreaks may have occurred

Customisable assets for partners to add their logo

For further information please visit the NHS website and the GOV webpage.

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