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Latest assets include:

  • Sleep assets (accompanying text and links are below) - 21.05.2020
  • Standalone posts - 21.05.2020

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Updated on 21.05.2020

Please note these assets are cleared for use in England only.

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Within the Zip folder you will find the following assets for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter:

  • New Sleep assets under embargo until 00.01 Friday 22 May 2020 - accompanying text and links are below
  • Standalone posts - these are not embargoed and available for use.

Accompanying text for Sleep assets:

  • There are lots simple things you can try to improve your sleep, like going to bed at a similar time each evening, and staying off your phone an hour before bed. Visit Every Mind Matters for more sleep tips and advice #EveryMindMatters #sleep #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek

  • Did you know that staying off your phone an hour before bed can help you get to sleep better? Visit Every Mind Matters for more sleep tips and advice #EveryMindMatters #sleep #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek

  • With everything going on at the moment, it can sometimes be tricky to maintain good sleep. We’ve pulled together some simple tips to help you sleep better. Visit Every Mind Matters for more sleep tips and advice #EveryMindMatters #sleep

Links to sleep webpage: (This will be live from Friday 22 May 2020)

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