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Reporting an Outbreak

Reporting an Outbreak


Materials to communicate the COVID-19 Early Outbreak Management Information.

Please note these assets are cleared for use in England only.

This campaign communicates advice on how to respond to an outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) to individuals that own, manage or are responsible for a specific business or organisation within the community by;

  • Identifying an outbreak of COVID-19 (one or more confirmed case depending on the business or organisation)
  • Reporting the outbreak to your local health protection team
  • Working with your local health protection team to respond

Each situation has an individual Action Card which provides specific COVID-19 Early Outbreak Management Information for that location. The Action Cards were designed to be printed or downloaded to keep on-hand in your business or organisation.

In accordance with the Government’s July opening guidance, the first batch of Action Cards released cover the following business and local community settings:

  • Commercial workplace
  • Consumer workplace
  • Education
  • Food & drink
  • Industrial workplace
  • Institutions
  • Residential
  • Small & large gatherings
  • Travel

Additional settings will be added in due course.

Click on ‘Resources’ to find and download your relevant Action Card.

For any queries regarding these resources please contact: