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Universal Rapid Testing Offer

Universal Rapid Testing Offer

Materials to communicate the universal offering of rapid Covid-19 tests to all adults over 18 years old in England. This is a public health campaign to raise awareness of changes to asymptomatic testing eligibility and to encourage regular rapid testing amongst those who show no symptoms of Covid-19.

From 9th April, in line with step 2 of the Prime Minister’s Roadmap, all adults in England without symptoms can now access twice weekly testing.

The campaign includes the following key messages:

  • Regular rapid Covid-19 testing is now available to all (Announce phase 9th – 12th April)
  • Testing shows you are doing what you can to protect your loved ones, friends, workmates, and customers (Encourage phase 12th April onwards)
  • Around 1 in 3 people who have Covid-19 have no symptoms and are spreading it without knowing, that could be even be you
  • Rapid Covid-19 tests show results within 30 minutes
  • Let’s take this next step safely

For queries relating to Universal Rapid Testing please contact: